charlatan holy father is arrested for extorting victims work to recover the beloved person in three hours

Known as Father Bruno of Pombagira, the man began to demand, by telephone, the payment of further sums to do the job.
25/11/2017 10h19 - Updated 28/11/2017 15h54
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Alex Alberto de Souza, from 30 years was arrested in Nova Iguaçu, Baixada Fluminense. He was a fugitive after being sentenced to four years and ten months in semi-open regime in a process for embezzlement, extortion and conspiracy. Alex was caught red-handed in June 2012, the 14th DP (Leblon), in the company of Edmar Santos de Araújo, better known as Father Bruno of Pombagira.

At the time, Alex was appointed as motorcycle courier Edmar. The pair was arrested after threatening and extorting a man who had sought the false holy father for him to do a job to recover the beloved person in three hours.

According to the victim, Edmar and two secretaries began to demand, by telephone, the payment of further sums to the witchcraft work was finished. The victim, suspicious that it was a scam, to the police.

In his defense, Alex claimed during the process that only fulfilled their work motorcycle courier. Edmar have claimed that there is no embezzlement in the conduct of one who offers spiritual providence, to be a theme pertaining to faith, constitutionally guaranteed.

However, the judge Vinicius Marcondes de Araújo, Stick the 27th Criminal, the conduct of the two made clear demonstration of bad faith and deceit of racketeering and extortion. In the decision which condemned Alex and Edmar, the magistrate said that explores the ingenuity, the fragility and others' good faith by financial greed.

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