PMDB decides to expel Senator Kátia Abreu attacks by the Fear and party

Riot leader who wanted to keep Rousseff (PT) the power will be kicked out of legend.
23/11/2017 13h57 - Updated 25/11/2017 10h41
Photo: Senate Agency

The Board of Ethics of the National PMDB decided on Thursday (23), unanimously, expel Senator Kátia Abreu (TO) party and cancel the party affiliation of Senator.

Senator Romero Juca, Party national president do, He said immediately defer to the decision of the Board of Ethics. He said the move “demonstrates new party positioning phase”.

The expulsion of the PMDB Kátia Abreu is subject since last September, after she voted against the impeachment of former President Dilma Rousseff. Katia was Minister of Agriculture in the government Dilma and has made harsh criticisms of the government of President Michel Temer, also affiliated with the PMDB.

Kátia Abreu has positioned itself against measures of President Michel Temer, such as labor reform and pension reform, prioritized by the federal government.

The Board of Ethics understood that there was a lack of decorum and insurgency against the party. Besides that, Kátia Abreu would tarnish the image caption members, according to information from party advice.

In accordance with the advice of Senator, Kátia Abreu is traveling to Qatar and not yet appear on the decision. The senator has 10 days to appeal the decision.

In August, the Ethics Committee of the party had already decided the expulsion of Senator. She is accused of having violated the Code of Ethics and Partisan loyalty and the Statute of Acronym.

Kátia Abreu denies irregularities and claims that the PMDB has not proposed any kind of punishment to members convicted of serious crimes, such as corruption and conspiracy.

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