Mayor Arthur Neto has accounts 2016 with exceptions approved by TEC-AM

The counselor-mayor, Julio Cabral, He has voted against the approval of the toucan's accounts.
21/11/2017 17h03 - Updated 22/11/2017 16h54
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With the dissenting opinion of counsel mayor of Amazonas Court of Auditors (TCE-AM), Julio Cabral, the general accounts of Mayor Arthur Neto, for the year 2016, They were approved by a collective TEC-AM with four exceptions and 17 recommendations, during a special session held on the morning of Tuesday. The municipal executive budget last year was R $ 4,1 billion.

Adviser of rapporteurs Yara Lins dos Santos and João Barroso opinion of the Court of Attorney, the process (accountability, report, prior opinion and vote) generated 36 volumes distributed across 7,3 thousand pages. The prior opinion - which has technical and opinionated character -, approved by five votes to one, It will be forwarded to the Municipality of Manaus (CMM), for the political judgment of the manager accounts.

Counselors Júlio Pinheiro, Erico Exile, Joshua Son, Mario de Mello followed the vote of the counselor-rapporteur, Yara Lins dos Santos, who welcomed all the recommendations and reservations made by the Court of Public Prosecution. The counselor Julio Cabral voted by the irregularity of the accounts on the grounds that the Manaus City Hall did not give due attention to the reservations made by the ECA, in consideration of the accounts in 2016, especially those related to the Transparency Portal.

According to the counselor-rapporteur, the municipal administration has met all the requirements of law, as the limit of the application of resources for education and health, for example; and implementation of the Fiscal Budget - provided for in the Budget Guidelines Law (LDO) and the Multi-Year Plan, in addition to fixed flaws pointed out by the board last year.

"After a hard work-up of budget execution throughout the last year and to analyze the bills delivered in March this year, I found, based on the inspection report and the opinion of MPC, that the city met all the prudential limits and that the Constitution requires, not to mention that the same municipal administration provided the improvement in the Transparency Portal, one of the items questioned by councilors. before said, I opted for approval with reservations and recommendations ", said the adviser Yara Lins dos Santos.

Even without voting rights, the presiding, Ari Moutinho Junior, He made to the weightings of Manaus City Hall and the County Attorney. According to him, it is unacceptable that there are subcommittees of bids and a large number of debtors municipal government. In special session, he suggested to the municipal executive sanasse the issue of bidding and PGM to call, for a reckoning, all debtors of the city, as is the case of the Honda company, should the city of Manaus R $ 285 millions; a Microsoft, that owes R $ 300 millions; and Tumpex, that owes R $ 107 millions. "Cause me sort as high values ​​that could be being employed in various sectors of our city", complemented.

Among the four reservations made by the counselor and ratified by the other members of the college are the presentation, next accountability, an inventory of the assets consolidated; the review of asset controls; creating an unlinked internal control structure of any department and the implementation of an internal controller in three folders: the County Attorney's Office, the Municipal Finance Bureau and the Municipal Environment and Sustainability.

Between the 17 recommendations, the most oriented to the Transparency Portal, stand out from the Executive carry out the guidance to local managers to fill the correct data in the Transparency Portal; to implement efficient systematic capable of reducing the recorded amount of the outstanding debt, which totaled R $ 588,9 millions; and even prevent commissioned servers to perform inspections, audits and sign reports of internal control.

Accounts of the regular CIAMA with caveats
During the Plenary session, held after the special session, counselors judged regular with reservations regarding the accounts of the year 2014 of the State of Amazonas Development Company (Ciamis) and applied a fine to the then CEO, Antonio Aluízio Ferreira, no amount of R $ 4,2 one thousand.

Among the identified improprieties resulting in a fine are the lack of an internal control unit in the company's organizational structure, not in accordance with Article 44 of law 2.423/1996, besides unjustified hiring of public officials without using tender, not in accordance with Article 37 of the Federal Constitution, among others.

In addition to the fine, the rapporteur of the case, adviser Joshua Son, CIAMA determined that implements the organizational structure of the Internal Control System, as defined in the law; comply with the law on public procurement and has special attention to what the law says 8.666/93, which deals with public tenders.

They were judged others 14 processes, including four representations, five appeals, taking a special agreement accounts, an installment agreement accounts, an audit and declaration of embargo.

Sessions are held weekly in the plenary in the TEC, located on the 2nd floor of the annex building (building of offices of directors). The next session will be held on 28/11 (Tuesday), at 10 am.

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