Hall revises IPTU 8,2 thousand taxpayers of Tarumã-Açu and Blue Lagoon neighborhoods

The measure meets the Decree 3.864, establishing the deadline for payment discount, installment and contesting the releases.
21/11/2017 17h56 - Updated 21/11/2017 17h56
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The Manaus Prefecture concluded the review and the launch craft property tax and urban land (Iptu), of exercise 2012 a 2016, from 8.214 enrollment of areas of Tarumã-Açu and Blue Lagoon, West of Manaus. The measure meets the Decree 3.864, from 06 November 2017, establishing the deadline for payment discount, installment and contesting the releases.

As the Secretary of the recipe Semef, Francisco Moreira, up until 2016 the area in question was in Securities Generic plant equated with neighborhoods such as Ponta Negra and Tarumã, the fleeing of the socioeconomic reality of taxpayers resident on site. "They are newly populated areas that do not have all municipal devices. There is no way the calculation of property tax be compared to the more developed areas of the city ", he explained.

Moreira explained, still, what, com to you nº 2.192, approved in December 2016 the Municipality of Manaus (CMM), They were included five new tax sectors (61 a 65), that precisely understand the areas of Tarumã-Açu and Blue Lagoon, with the square meter values ​​within the reality of residents.

"From 2012 a 2016 Semef received the very request for review of this area. Passage of the law brought fiscal justice and normality, because the whole area was revised with significant reduction of the releases ", concluded.

With the revision, the launch of property tax tax areas 61 a 65 They had considerable reduction. In 2012, for example, the release that was almost R $ 3,5 million fell to R $ 2 millions. Already in 2013, which was launched in the property tax base of the City Hall, in season, more than R $ 6,3 millions, with the review fell to R $ 3 millions. Adding the five years, the reduction in releases was higher than R $ 20 millions.

"Many taxpayers have stepped forward and have requested a review. Those who had not yet requested the review need to become aware of their new values ​​and settle with the tax authorities ", said Moreira.

If the taxpayer does not agree with the new values ​​of the legal review, the deadline for any dispute is 16 January 2018.

The Manaus Prefecture has started the notification by mail. Even so, taxpayers who live in this area can now access the page Manaus Prefecture (www.manaus.am.gov.br) and send their guides with their releases already reviewed, for the years 2012 a 2016. Payment in one dimension can be done until the day 15 from December, with 10% discount. To date it can also be made in installments to 60 months. For this, the taxpayer must address the Semef of service stations in PACs or on the street Japurá, 493, Center.

"It is important that the taxpayer look us up the day's date 15 from December. If you are paying in a single installment, the guide can be issued by the site. But the installment is in our face care. After the stipulated date daily fines and arrears will be charged ", He warned the Secretary of Revenue Semef.

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