President of Adepol refuses to return the car to the government and Civil Military House threatens to take legal action

Agency says it will take administrative and legal measures to recover public property.
20/11/2017 15h22 - Updated 21/11/2017 17h44
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The Civil House State Government military is trying to repossess a property Automobile public power being used by the president of the Association of Representatives of the Amazon Civil Police (Adepol) and delegate, Mário Aufiero. In a letter sent to the Delegate General Mariolino Brito the agency calls for the return to happen in 48 hours.

The car in question is a Corolla Blue, but also it is with the thin a Kia Sorento, seized 2013 to Diego Oliveira dealer, known as “More more”. Both vehicles are the public power.

The Military House closes the office indicating that it will take administrative and legal measures to recover public property and even said he called several times to the delegate, requesting the return of the vehicle, however, Aufiero has' material attachment to public property, which has caused administrative disorders'.

Kia Sorento
According to Mário Aufiero, the car Kia Sorento is being used by the employee, Jordan Melo Albuquerque Simonetti, since January 2017.

In June this year, Aufiero, He made a criminal complaint [CLICK HERE] against dentist, These Emanuelle, and former girlfriend of his employee for libel. The woman would have quoted the delegate, indirectly, audio on Whatsapp as a lover of his ex and pivor the end of their relationship.

"Jordan is walking Sorento okay because viadão're bankrolling high. Who said I was the girl who works in his work that has come viadão trip and put pressure on him. The guy is bankrolling it was too heavy so he broke up with me because I'm pushing him and also gay. The staff're saying he's gay eats ", said Emanuelle.

The lawsuit was filed in October because there is no direct quote the name of Aufiero. The car is named in the suit Kia Sorento property of the government.

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