Attorneys retire event in protest against the presence of Moro

Moro was given a standing ovation by most participants, However, a smaller group, of about 25 prosecutors protested, shouting slogans and booing the judge.
22/11/2017 16h08 - Updated 23/11/2017 15h51
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Speaking at the opening of the Brazilian Congress of Municipal Attorneys, in Curitiba, Federal Judge Sergio Moro advocated a kind of "Real Plan" against corruption. Second or magistrate, efficient judicial process is "important and relevant", but takes care only of "pathological aspect of corruption". "We need reforms. We need a real plan against corruption ", he said Moro, who made the final speech of the event.

Pretty applauded, the judge did, for almost an hour talking, a summary of Operation Lava jet and the entire tuition payment scheme at Petrobras and its subsidiaries. Without naming names of defendants and stressing that only speak of cases prosecuted, Moro said that corruption was the "game rules" in the relationship between the state, its directors, politicians and companies.

Moro, corruption is not a "problem invincible" and Operation Lava jet means a "window of opportunity". The judge said that Brazilian society has faced previously complex problems and was able to advance. He cited the democratization of years 80, the fight against inflation in the years 90 and the alleviation of poverty and inequality in recent decades. "These coping examples show that corruption can also be overcome."

End of the Forum
both, second Live, can not "be backtracking". According to the judge, the understanding of the Supreme Court (STF) that the defendant should start serving the sentence from second instance decision it is a "point that should be regarded as of no return", said.

Moro also defended the order or decrease the scope of the privileged forum. "I can say for me and the majority of my colleagues that we open up this antirrepublicano privilege", stated.

The judge, the high courts and the Supreme Court and the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) They are not "aimed for the trial of criminal cases, but aimed for the trial of resources". "However great the goodwill of ministers of the Supreme and the Supreme Court, [higher courts] They act as a shield against effective accountability privileged forum holders who engage in corruption. "

Moro also defended the end of the allotment of public companies and positions between political parties and groups and the effective improvement of compliance mechanisms in state and private companies that have contracts with the government.

At the beginning of Congress, when he had his name announced, Moro was given a standing ovation by most participants. However, a smaller group, of about 25 prosecutors protested, shouting slogans and booing the judge. They came to have two tracks seized by security event. Before the Moro lecture, they quietly withdrew from the site.

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