Teacher faces up to 40 years in prison for forcing teenagers to have sex with her

The case came to light after one of the students had revealed to his parents that he was having an affair with the teacher.
20/11/2017 16h57 - Updated 21/11/2017 17h43
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As a published matter on Thursday (16), the news portal Daly Mail, a teacher was arrested by police accused of forcing students to take as long intimate with her in exchange for higher grades. The teacher has been identified as M yokasta, from 40 years. The police, she is the prime suspect of having sexually abused two teenagers, one of 16 years and the other of 17 years. According to the portal, the case was held in the city of Medellin, Colombia. According to information forwarded by police, during the research work, it was proved that the teacher threatened students, if they had not counted intimate with her.

The case came to light after one of the students had revealed to his parents that he was having an affair with the teacher.

According to the police, the woman can pay up 40 years in jail, if it is found guilty of the charges. According to information forwarded by police, indecent contacts with the students took place between January and April 2016. Investigations showed that the woman approached the victims through social networks, then, asked their phone numbers, claiming it was to help them in studies.

According to local press reports, the woman sent through WhatsApp and Messenger, messages and indecent proposals for students. The woman also sent dozens of illegal photos for victims. In some of the photos, the woman covered her private parts with their bare hands or spongy toys. however, the police found that the teacher threatened teenagers, if they had no close contact with her.
The woman, to reward students, gave good marks to them.

Police said the woman had contact with students during the period of six months and, during this time, nor the school unit nor the families of the victims knew the teacher's relationship with the students themselves. Until one day the father of one of the students found several indecent images the teacher on her son's cell. Local authorities reported that the woman invited the students to go to his apartment where he kept the physical contact and les.

The teacher, during the time I was having affair with students, I was married. however, so that the case surfaced, the husband of the accused filed for divorce. Once the teacher has been arrested, students who had contact with the teacher released several indecent pictures of her in social networks. The photos quickly if tonaram viral on social media. The case remains under investigation.

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