“Leaves the smallest electoral process that went "says Marcelo Ramos to readmit that alliance with Braga was' shot in the foot’

According to the former deputy, blame the alliance was of his party (PR).
11/11/2017 12h31 - Updated 13/11/2017 16h20
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Natan Gaia – AM POST Writing

The former state representative Marcelo Ramos (PR) readmitiu, it was a mistake to his candidacy for lieutenant governor Eduardo Braga in plate (PMDB), in the by-election this year and said he said he can not deny the obvious. The statement of policy was made in an interview to a local portal, this Friday (10).

"From a personal point of view for me it was very bad, because it made me very ill, not allowed me to contest the election; and I think that from the point of view of people who are outside, pretty bad too, because he took the right of these people to choose who thought ideal for that period ", justified.

Marcelo had admitted before in your social network that 'kneel on corn’ It was disastrous for his political career. In the interview Ramos reaffirmed the damage caused by the partnership with the PMDB "I left the smaller electoral process that went", shot.

According to the former deputy, blame the alliance was of his party (PR) which had a combined project from the ticket in his party to 2016 e 2018. This election 2017 I was in the middle and was not expected. The decisions were taken considering the composition of which is the PR of the project to 2018, who is the deputy Alfredo Nascimento dispute Senate.

"The voter does not understand, and in the electoral process you can not say. You get there distressed, on the rope, in the ring, hoping to spend the electoral process so that people understand ", He lamented.

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