Looting of the third stage of PIS payments / Pasep are now available

Service is for unitholders men over 65 years and women over 62 years; holders of Federal Savings Bank or the Bank of Brazil already had their benefit automatically deposited.
27/11/2017 17h21 - Updated 28/11/2017 15h53
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Starts today (27) care of the third stage of quota payments from the Social Integration Program (PIS) and the Civil Servants Asset Development Program (Pasep) to shareholders men over 65 years and women over 62 years. Holders of Federal Savings Bank or the Bank of Brazil already had their benefit automatically deposited into their accounts on 23, and who has no current account in these banks can, since today, go to bank branches to serve.

The initial forecast was that these withdrawals were made from 14 from December. The government, However, decided to anticipate the benefits, in this third step, should move almost R $ 4 billion, to an audience of over 2 million workers. Until the day 19 from November, the total drawn had already surpassed R $ 1 billion. Of this total, 56% They were made to retirees.

Payments to retirees over the age of 70 years and heirs of deceased workers continue to be made regularly. Those unable to attend the agencies should make the withdrawal request by proxy. For a balance inquiry, banks have created specific pages on the Internet (www.caixa.gov.br/pis e www.bb.com.br/pasep).

Journalist Carlos Augusto Texeira has worked in the public sector and the private sector. Thereby, had deposited their benefits both Pasep account (public server) as the PIS account (private sector). According to the management of the Bank of Brazil, in situations like his, it is necessary that the human resources of the company that later hired to do the relocation of their registration. The problem is that this is not always done.

"I worked for about 30 years in the public sector. Then I went to the private sector. Apparently, there was some problem in the relocation Pasep benefit to PIS, when I made the change. Thereby, the money could not be made available by Caixa ", he said, leaving the bank branch to address the Banco do Brazil, where there is still money in your old account Pasep.

The Bank of Brazil is unique administrator Pasep. currently, near 1,6 million people meet the requirements to receive shares in the bank, whose background accounts for R $ 4,7 billion. Not to BB account holders with a balance of R $ 2,5 one thousand, the bank asks sending TED another financial institution, through the Internet and self-service terminals. The operation can be done without cost. Another facility for shareholders Pasep is the consultation on the drawing conditions at site and the consultation on the availability of shares by the BB Call Center on phones 4004 0001 (capital and metropolitan regions) or 0800 729 0001 (other locations).

The expectation is that Box 1,5 million beneficiaries are covered in this payment stage. Of the R $ 2,5 billion to be made available for withdrawals, R$ 292 million will be automatically credited to the account of the bank's clients. Caixa has exclusive service on its website to facilitate the care worker has the right to withdraw from the PIS quota by age and retirement. On the page, the worker can view the amount that is owed, the date of the withdrawal and the available channels to make payments.

The worker also has the option to inform through the APP application Case Worker, which is available for download. The application is free. To make a site no consultation and no APP, the employee must inform the CPF or NIS and date of birth.

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