Semed spends R $ 24,7 million in Robotics project but research, TCE-AM does not find kits in schools

Technical TEC-AM found no robotics kits in the visited schools and teachers heard criticism on the distribution of educational material.
23/11/2017 16h14 - Updated 25/11/2017 10h42
Photo: Manoel Vaz

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The contracts between the City Department of Education (semed) and the company Sisttech Educational Technology, Commerce and Ltda Products Representation can cost R $ 24,7 million to public coffers, second publication of the Official Gazette of the Municipality (DOM Manaus). The high investment would be for implementation and to purchase materials for the Systematic Teaching Program Sciences (fish) and the Language Club Design and Programming and Robotics (ProCurumim).

But the counselor of the State Court of Auditors (TCE-AM) Érico Desterro found in the documents a great lack of transparency and inconsistencies points seen at the beginning of the investigation made by the technicians of the Audit Court. During inspections, performed between days 11 e 27 September this year, technical TEC-AM They found no robotics kits in schools visited and heard criticism from teachers on the distribution of educational materials in misfit with the teaching calendar.

Eric said the Semed need to explain the reasons of alleged unenforceability, since any other company could present or produce educational materials for robotics projects developed by the secretariat in schools in the capital of Amazonas.

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