municipal employees approve indicative strike in the Charter of Principles in search of readjustment and Career Plan

Among the points, It is indicative of strike for the day 7 from December, caso o prefeito Arthur Neto não responda à categoria.
10/11/2017 14h33 - Updated 10/11/2017 14h33
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municipal employees of non Specific area of ​​Manaus City Hall approved late on Thursday (9), one Charter of Principles which relate commitments that will require by the Municipal Executive. Among the points, It is indicative of strike for the day 7 from December, If the mayor Arthur Neto does not respond to the category of the claims until the next day 30 from November.

"Continued silence on the part of the mayor in relation to our demands will be understood by the category as a negative to our requests", He explained the president of the Association Effective servers of the Municipality of Manaus (Asemm), Lúcio Rocha.

The approval of the Charter of Principles happened during a meeting in the auditorium of the banking union, where they also participated servers of the Union of Environment (Sindiambiente); the Association of Municipal Guards Manaus (Agmman); and Union of the State of Amazonas Municipal Guards (Sindguarda-AM), besides the very Asemm. on the occasion, also expressed support for category 'unions Amazon Psychologists Workers (Sintra-PSI) and teachers and pedagogues of Manaus (Asprom-Union)

The reaction of the servers was prompted after the mayor of Manaus have passed over the servers nonspecific area - around 1.400 people – the increase granted to other municipal employees on 26 of October, on the grounds that there is no data-base. "We are fighting for our Career Plan, Career and Wages (PCCV) in an organized manner from 2016 and more recently, We request an emergency adjustment 10%, as we are with the frozen base salary at $ 415,00 since 2008 ", clarifies Rock. "And until now, the mayor has not given us an answer ", adds.

In the Charter of Principles, associations and unions servers require equal treatment in the compensation adjustment of the area of ​​servers not Specific, with adjustment 10%, from January 1, 2018, as an intermediate measure until the approval of PCCV. "We are fighting for the increase of R $ 41,50 the base salary, an insignificant amount compared to the work and dedication that portion servers, including street sweepers, engineers, journalists and many other professionals ", said Rocha. "The position of the City Hall, through the Secretary of Finance, who has infringed these 1.400 servers in the recent increase that granted to other categories, shows lack of commitment towards these servers. The City Council shows its financial strength with everyone, but despises who moves the public administration. We will report this neglect and fight to end this inequality ", complemented Rock.

The Charter of Principles will be forwarded to the mayor Arthur Neto and municipal councilors.

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