TCE suspends payment millionaire contract Seduc

Faced with the evidence of irregularities and to avoid possible damage to public coffers, o TCE determinou que sejam retidos os pagamentos que constam no contrato.
08/11/2017 15h07 - Updated 9/11/2017 17h58
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Decision monocratic, Councilor Érico Desterro decided, by evidence of irregularities, the payment of R $ 5,3 million to the company Crossing Publisher and Bookstore, Concerning the provision of contract No Service 1970/2017, the Ministry of Education (Seduc). The total committed amount of the contract is $ 8,9 millions, of which R $ 3,5 million had already been transferred to the company, who won the Auction Face No. 07/2017, the lowest price.

According to the petition, made by the General Secretariat of External Control TEC, the company was contracted to develop Continuing Education of the project "Assessment Process", with logistical and educational support, for Elementary Education Professional (5Th and 9 th) of Amazonas state schools, but, according to the process, bidding, requiring the production of four books, We had short notice for participation of undertakings, what prevented other competitors, favoring Crossing Publisher and bookshop that could deliver all in less than 20 days, not to mention that the winning company would not be fulfilling what is provided for in the basic design, which violates the law.

Faced with the evidence of irregularities and to avoid possible damage to public coffers, the counselor Eric Exile, who is the rapporteur of Seduc accounts, He determined the current secretary of Seduc, José Augusto de Melo Neto, what, precautionary measure, withhold payments that would be made to that company and does not promote any amendment to the contract, until the case is properly clarified.

In its order, the counselor also determined that they were notified former Secretary of Seduc, Arone's Bentes Nascimento, the former president of the Prior Information Commission, Epitácio de Alencar and Silva, and the company Crossing Publisher and Bookstore Ltda., for what, within five working days, reply to 18 questions, under penalty of fine managers if they did not express.

All documentation related to the Trading Classroom No. 07/2017 He was also requested by the rapporteur to the Secretary José Augusto de Melo Neto, to be analyzed in the case file.

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