Tiririca sends a message to MPs: 'Who earns $ 33 thousand can not miss work’

O palhaço deputado também contra-atacou seus opositores: “Todo final de semana passo com minha família, enquanto eles estão enjaulados e os filhos nem vão visitar por vergonha”.
07/11/2017 14h54 - Updated 8/11/2017 17h26
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In his second term in the House, Congressman Tiririca (PR-SP) He sent a message to his parliamentary colleagues to value the positions you have and be effective population.

Even with very few seats in the house, Tiririca was keen to express his indignation. The vast majority of parliamentary works only from Tuesday and return on Thursday for their home states.

Brazil's the way it is and where our colleagues are? I am here. I am in Brasilia since Sunday night. And where these guys are? People, Our salary is $ 33 one thousand. Who earns a salary of this can not miss work. When I worked in the circus I had time that earned less than minimum wage and not missing a single show. How can a guy who makes $ 33 thousand work only 3 days a week? This can not go. Does not even“, Tiririca said thrilled.

The clown deputy has said before that he will leave political life and took the speech to send indirectly to corrupt who tried to buy their voted and failed.

I came here when I joined a lot of people offer me money to vote for the interest of any company, political party or. I said no to all of them and called me a sucker. Today smart are in jail or going to her, and "sucker" here is free and without electronic ankle bracelet. Every weekend spend with my family, while they are caged and the children will visit or shame. Now tell me who the sucker? Who is the clown who just wants to appear honest? Who is illiterate?” shot.

Tiririca ended his speech calling on his fellow parliamentarians to work on the recovery of Brazil. “come to work! We need to work! Brazil has haste! There are people in line at the hospital dying because of a decision to take leave. Stop thinking about the next election. Think of the people who are now dying. Think of the mother who is watching her son die because they did not get a remedy in hospital”, concluded.

Natan Gaia – AM POST Writing

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