Workers protest in Manaus Temer against government reforms and ask society 'wake up'

A manifestação é contra a Reforma Trabalhista, which goes into effect on Saturday (11), and Pension Reform, still in progress.
10/11/2017 15h56 - Updated 11/11/2017 13h28
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federal civil servants of various organs held on Friday (10), In Manaus, Public acts against the Labor Reform, which goes into effect on Saturday (11), and Pension Reform, still in progress.

The protesters also demand the repeal of Constitutional Amendment (EC) 95/17, it freezes 20 years public investment, and reinforce the positioning against Pension Reform, the Voluntary Retirement Program (VAT) and also direct attacks on education.

"The ongoing reforms not only affect civil servants, but to all workers and their families, then it is necessary that the society wake up and join us in this fight, because the damage this brutal attack will be for everyone ", said the secretary general of the Union of Amazonas Federal Public Servants (Sindsep-AM), Walter Matos.

The demonstration has been planned since October and the strategies to be conducted as unified act defined in two extended meetings held on 1 and 7 Of this month, at the headquarters of the Union of Metalworkers. In addition to the CSP-Conlutas, part of the mobilization against the 'evil package "of government the Central of Workers of Brazil (CTB), General Union of Workers (UGT), Workers' Unitary Central (CUT) and New Central Trade Union.

The day 10 November will also feature acts in cities like Maceio, Fortress, Victory, Cuiaba, Bethlehem, Porto Alegre, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Florianópolis, Palmas, Aracaju, Blumenau, Natal, Recife, Curitiba,Teresina, Joao Pessoa, Campo Grande, Goiânia, White River, Macapa, Salvador, Joinville, chapecó, Lages and Campinas.

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