UEA publishes list of approved in the vestibular and SIS

The relationship with the 5.732 approved was first published on the wall of the rectory of the institution. O resultado já está disponível no portal da UEA.
30/11/2017 14h44 - Updated 30/11/2017 18h41
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The University of the State of Amazonas (UEA) released on Thursday (30) the result of Join Series System (SIS) and vestibular 2017, access 2018. The relationship with the 5.732 approved was first published on the wall of the rectory of the institution. The result is now available on portal da UEA.

At this moment, in the days 18 e 19 from December, new students must access the portal of the university and register on the 'Portal Freshman', What is the novelty of this event. The platform's goal is to computerize and facilitate student contact with the institution.

The freshman portal can also be accessed directly by portaldocalouro.uea.edu.br, at where, as well as register, approved shall submit the registration documents required by the edicts No. 73/2017-GR / UEA and No. 74/2017-GR / UEA (SIS), available on other website.

The vestibular UEA was held on 22 e 23 of October, while the SIS occurred in 24 the same month. The tests were given in 41 locations in Manaus and 61 Amazon municipalities.

Dates and deadlines
Filling out the registration on the portal freshman does not ensure the applicant's institutional enrollment, This padding is only one of the requirements for execution as. Approved shall attend for submission of documents for the period 20 a 21 from December, the locations specified by the edict.

The candidate for any reason unable to attend the deadlines for submission of documents, lose the right to enroll and vague.

The registration of the 1st step will be for the courses will begin classes in the first half of 2018.
If not filled all vacancies for candidates called on the first call, there may be reconvening subsequent classified, from day 5 January 2018, no site da UEA.

Medical / PCD Expertise
The call for Medical Expertise of successful candidates in the Vestibular contests and SIS, Grupo not registered 09 (Vestibular) e Grupo G (SIS), It will be released in the second -feira (4). This call will be released date, time and place for holding of Medical Expertise of each candidate.

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