Alderman Manaus wants to end municipal optional points

The congressman introduced a bill presented at CMM you want to end the right of optional points on weekdays working.
04/11/2017 15h39 - Updated 6/11/2017 16h49
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A bill introduced in the Municipality of Manaus (CMM) by councilor Teacher fransua (PV) It aims to break the right to optional points on weekdays working, the civil servants.

According to the parliamentarian City Hall does not work on a business day it is disrespectful to the citizens who pay their taxes, which ends up hurting "the smooth progress of the delivery of public services to society.

In justification of the proposal, Councilman fransua states that between holidays and optional points are counted 25 days without service delivery, only in the year 2017. And it cites the item IV of art. 8Th the Statute of the Municipality, which provides for the exclusive jurisdiction of the municipality to provide for the organization and provision of public services and on the framework and the legal system of servers that integrate, which for him makes the bill "completely feasible" as its constitutionality.

Councilman authored bill Teacher fransua has not yet been decided by the plenary of the Manaus City Hall (CMM). After entering on the agenda, the first commission should examine the matter will be the Constitution, Justice and Writing (CCJR), chaired by Councilor Joelson Silva (PSC).

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