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A ideia da parlamentar é que o Outubro Animal seja um mês de castração.
08/11/2017 16h59 - Updated 8/11/2017 17h04
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On Wednesday session (8) Councilwoman Joan of Arc Protection of Animals (PR) He demanded of the Animal Hall October which is an indication of his own and was a campaign for neutering throughout the month of October.

According to the parliamentary “We did a ceremony at City Hall to commemorate the day the veterinarian and was told that this commitment would be signed by the city, It went up in October, we are in November and we have not had the animal in October. I'm going to charge and try to have a meeting with Secretary, because if the city does not give an answer to society I as a representative of the cause have to give, I have to pay because the bills will not have the joint efforts of castrations” she said.

According to Councilwoman non-governmental organizations, the third sector, the guards and representatives of concerned were not informed by the City Health Department to date, about why the animal in October, publicly made promise, It was not done. The councilor asked to the director of Zoonosis Control Center at a meeting and said the same happened in October will no longer have castrate task force.

The parliamentarian said that if the city is unable to make the campaign for neutering the animal while in October it will councilwoman, citizen and president of NGO, with their own resources, with the help of veterinary partners and clinical doctors who believe in their work. “When I say I'll do I do, I fulfill my word, I will not let the animals of our city, helpless, who need these castrations get hands, will not let the guards and NGOs to see ships, I will do and I will show how it's done when we have willingly, when it respects the public cause and the cause we defend”, finished.

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