Councilwoman Joan of Arc is accused of operating and maintaining ghost workers in his office

Uma ex-funcionária da vereadora decidiu quebrar o silêncio e expor os podres de seu gabinete.
08/11/2017 14h52 - Updated 9/11/2017 17h58
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The office of the Presidency of the Municipality of Manaus (CMM) He received on Monday (6) a request for investigation against Councilwoman Joan of Arc Lamb (PR) by exploitation of labor, change of function and the charge that the parliamentary keeps in his office alleged ghost workers.

A former employee of city council, Rose Aguiar, that says parliamentary victim decided to break the silence and expose the dirt on his office.

No document 200 page has, also, that parliamentary whose flag the protection and care of the animals abandoned on the streets, I would be committing fraud to instruct his servant to sell vaccines, saying arcava with some injury.

According to Rose at the time worked as advisor to the city council several times saw her disrespect Server Statute establishing their regulated time rights by law because, she said, I had to collect sick animals from the streets of Manaus, outside working hours which included the dawn of time.

In addition, the former servant of D'arc also states that it was the contempt of their work schedule already was without lunch and suffered humiliation. “Sleeping 1 am, wake up at 4:30 am, do not eat lunch because there's no time, more hours from 8 am… weep with humiliation from people that not raised you and has no capacity nor professionalism, worth it? Not for me! I think respect is great, treat the other too seriously! Unfortunately today, where will we go, You have people who do not make some progress, practice bullying a straight face, They do everything to “poor thing” you need. No, no… You need not be” blurted Rose in your social network.

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Also according to the complaint, names like DJ Evandro júnior and Gelson Albuquerque, popularly known by Hello Amazon program as, “Gum”, They are on the payroll of Joana Darc without working in his office.

In his defense the DJ Evandro júnior said in their social networks that despite being in the city council payroll did not work in his office and asked repeatedly to be removed, for it would be taking damage.

In a note to CMM reported that all home servers work full time, and if constada irregularity, Councilwoman liable for breach decorum and administrative misconduct.

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