Amazonino and former mayor of New York plotting partnership to reduce crime in the Amazon

The former mayor of New York, Rudolph Giuliani, reduced over 60% the levels of violence in the US city with its "Zero Tolerance", period not 1994 a 2002.
20/12/2017 15h39 - Updated 22/12/2017 15h49
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The governor of Amazonas, Amazonino Mendes, It began on the afternoon of Tuesday (19) the negotiations for an international partnership in the security area, through actions with the use of technology, with a leading expert on the subject of the world, the former mayor of New York (USA), Rudolph Giuliani. The former mayor was known to reduce by more than 60% the levels of violence in the city that is the most populous US, during the implementation of the program "Zero Tolerance", period not 1994 a 2002.

In Rudolph Giuliani Office, the governor stressed the importance of partnership for combating crime and Manaus, about everything, in Amazonas State. Amazonino pointed out that, in addition to New York, the actions employed by Giuliani have worked in Colombia and Honduras, that rely on the US former mayor consultancy.

"We came here concerned with the advancement of crime, both in our country and in our state. We had a very good technical meeting, with tremendous scope and prospect of entering into a contract actions where all this technology that gave extremely right, inclusive, recently in Colombia, to be applied in our country, and the entrance door is Manaus. Let's fight crime in all aspects, in all senses, with this team, with this trusted brand, Of success, which is the brand Giuliani ", commented Amazonino.

Giuliani and staff have developed projects to fight crime in several countries. in Colombia, in five and a half months, crime rates have halved. The former mayor said it would be a pleasure to work for the first time in Brazil, starting at Amazon.

Giuliani suggested attacking on three fronts: border protection; management of prisons and punishment and strict control of highly dangerous criminals. The project with an integrated security plan Giuliani Consulting will be presented next week.

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