Amazonino Mendes delivery environmental permits to miners in two counties of Amazonas

Among the licenses, one will allow mining on the Madeira River. Ipaam says it will monitor areas through GPS and fitness
13/12/2017 15h27 - Updated 13/12/2017 16h23
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The governor traveled Amazonino Mendes, on Tuesday (12), the municipalities of Manicoré and Humaitá (a 332 e 590 kilometers from Manaus, respectively) for delivering Licenses Environmental Operation (LOAs) for mining activities on the Madeira River and to announce investments in both cities. Among the licenses, one is new, A n⁰ 410/2017, that will allow the mining activity on the Madeira River in the municipality of Novo Aripuana region (a 227 kilometers from the capital).

in Manipur, the governor announced investments in health as the recovery of the Regional Hospital Amílcar Alencar, purchase of two ambulances and mammography devices, X-ray, and ultrasound. announced, still, the completion of the work of the Hospital Santo Antonio district Matupi, stop for five years. in Humaita, the governor said that will be built a new surgical center in the city hospital, which will also receive two ambulances.

According to the president of the Amazon Institute of Environmental Protection (Ipaam), Marcelo Dutra, who accompanied the governor on the trip, a LOA n⁰ 410/2017, allowing gold mining in the region Novo Aripuana, It is the result of Adjustment Term Environmental Conduct (Stain) signed between Ipaam and Cooperatives of Family Extractive Minerals Manipur (Cooemfam) Prospectors and Amazon (Cooagam).

The other licenses are delivered to renovations of LOA No. 070/13-02; 242/13-01; 323/12-04; 363/13-01 e 378/12-02, Ipaam granted by the miners unions with Permissions Lavra prospecting (PLGs) issued by the National Department of Mineral Research (DNPM). renovations, also results Tacas, They are for mining activities in the region of the municipalities of Manicoré and Humaitá. The terms of conduct adjustment were prepared supported on technical advice of the State Council on the Environment (Cemaam).

in Manipur, where the governor was on the morning of Tuesday (13/12), They were given three licenses for Cooemfam and Cooagam authorized to mineral extraction, valid for 90 days, in the areas of the municipality and Novo Aripuana, Borba and Humaita. In the afternoon, Amazonino delivered three other licenses for performance of the cooperatives on the Madeira River.

According Amazonino, the State of Amazonas, through Ipaam, It has the capacity to supervise and monitor all licensing concessions, helping to reduce the work of clandestine and illegal mining in the region.

"Today there are technical conditions, scientific, to protect the river. That we are prepared and we are organizing, inclusive, these licenses based on exactly these techniques. With care and supervision obligation to zealously, and the total and absolute cooperation of all of them (cooperatives)”, stated.

Work without licensing and control, according to the governor, It does not generate income in cities and encourages illegal and criminal activities. "That (licensing and control) it was not easy, but is extremely important because only here, in Humaita, nearly six thousand people live panning. And the features of mining marginalized, escondido, outlaw, the resources that are many millions of reais, of gold, become illegal, nothing is left to the city, for the population and continues to pollution frantic way in the river ", he said Amazonino.

According to the governor, Excuse, supervision and responsibility of the extractive, everything changes. "The man no longer works as marginal. Works conscious of their profession, with dignity to support their families. Will move more resources in the municipality, to help the municipality, and gold will no longer travel to the borders of Bolivia to help drug trafficking ", completed.

The President of Ipaam, Marcelo Dutra, He said the inspections will cover the technological monitoring, through GPS that will be deployed to identify ferries and dredgers used by miners; and physical inspection, will happen in two ways. The first through the Practice School that will tour the areas of exploration to a permanent job recycling of miners, adding knowledge to everyday work and ensuring they are meeting environmental requirements for exploration.

The second physical inspection will be through inspection in loco of the technicians who prepared the licensing, every three months. "This is the first license with 90 days of validity, because it needs to be revalidated by environmental inspection every three months ", said Marcelo Dutra.

"The mining is there there 40 years; Ibama been here eight times in recent years trying to end the activity and not only failed as activity grows only. The DNPM has a gold mine for the miners and we need to ensure that there is principle of sustainability, there is no water contamination, everything is done based on the best technical and scientific understandings ", said the president of Ipaam, emphasizing that the licenses are the result of a long work with the cooperatives, universities, researchers.

Environmental Conduct Adjustment Terms
By signing the Tacas, cooperatives must meet all the technical requirements of the agreement, including issues such as socio-economic studies; environmental licensing; logistics; and supervision.

The requirements of the conduct adjustment agreement include, still, assessment of steps gold processing; degradation rates, silting up of the bed of the Madeira river and the navigable channel and waterway due to the small-scale mining; and mercury contamination levels in fish, aquatic plants, River bottom sediments, and the miners.

There is, still, requirements as detailed work plans containing, among other points, the execution schedule, staff hired, methodology, points of execution and collection; Chemical characterization of the concentrated material, after azogado (amalgado) forming the mixture with gold / mercury and the resulting sand mining process; and mandatory installation, on all ferries and dredgers, the device geoposionamento (GPS/GRPS) to report, In real time, the positioning of each vessel in the area of ​​the Mining Garimpeira Permission (PLG).

The Tacas establish inspections of techniques Ipaam teams at any time and, in case of damage occurrences environment for failure of Terms, the Office may take civil and criminal action appropriate, with application of administrative penalties of environmental legislation, including fines provided for in State Law 1.532/82 and its amendments and the State Decree 10.028/87, or if applicable, by you Federal nº 9.605/98, as well as the Federal Decree No. 6.514/08.

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