Entrepreneur of the Backstreet Boys and N'Sync contracted sexually abused

Sources say that the singers were days in his house, and several were seen coming out of his morning room buttoning pants.
09/12/2017 15h12 - Updated 9/12/2017 15h12
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The former manager of the Backstreet Boys and Justin Timberlake N Sync, Lou Pearlman, It is much more than a fraudulent businessman, who fled in January leaving behind a hole of more than 400 million dollars. The magazine ”Variety” reports in its November issue that boys recruited by them to charm the unsuspecting girls with her beauty and voice had to go through the casting couch.

A “Variety” cites numerous testimonies of people who saw Pearlman fondle her protected in front of everyone and even under the table at business dinners. Many young singers were days in his house, and several were seen coming out of his morning room buttoning pants.

It was commonly said that many of them paid a high price for fame. “Some guys played, asking others had already left Pearlman give mamadinha”, He told the magazine Stene Mooney, an aspiring singer who lived two years in the business owner's home. “The guy was a sexual predator. Everyone knew what his. If someone says he is not lying.”

Some former members of bands think this was the main motivation of the entrepreneur to decide to form his first band in 1992, os Backstreet Boys. “Sincerely, I think Lou never thought they would be a tremendous success. He just wanted to pretty boys around, but suddenly he dropped a distance and an empire was born. It was pure luck,” opina Rich Cronin, vocalista da boy band Lyte Funky Ones, Pearlman hired.

Pearlman also used the boy bands as a screen to deceive investors. Many who have entrusted their money were dazzled by having access to the pop star forgetting to monitor the application of resources. when they awoke, It was late.

During 15 years he cheated more than two thousand investors, stealing them $ 317 million that they have not seen so far back. Several banks were also after him because of US $ 130 million in unpaid loans. No one knows where the man is.

Second Magazine, Pearlman like to have a house full of beautiful boys from their bands. His mansion in Orlando had TV, porn movie, much champagne and an ultra king size bed where he partied with his boys, who called him Big Poppa. Many accepted his advances as the price to pay for a get rich quick promise. It was illusory.

In 1997 Backstreet Boys finally agreed and went to court against Pearlman. From 1993 a 1997, the five members received only US $ 300 one thousand, or about $ Dava 12 for every thousand per year. Pearlman was millions of dollars under the pretext of being the guy who paid the bills and the other found that he also received as the sixth member of the group.

“He fooled me completely. It was with that talk of 'we are a family’ and in fact it was all for money”, complained Kevin Richardson, ex-integrante do Backstreet Boys.

The N'Sync and other bands also sued and won, but the businessman got the rights to the music, a source of income able to cover all losses in court for his former contractors.

Ray Cronin, vocalist of band LFO, account that Pearlman always stroked with a crap that used ancient techniques that would make it irresistible if the two formed a bond during massage. “I had to bite my cheek to keep from laughing. I had a chat to strengthen the aura, It was so obvious and so disgusting. He called us to his house on the pretext of discussing something work and we had to put up his hands in our body”.

The Backstreet Boy Nick Carter also appears to have been a victim, but he and his family drowned the case, according to sources consulted by the magazine.

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