Former candidate for the PM's government, Jardel says he is being chased by captain PM

According to former candidate Captain Alberto Neto would have mounted a scene to promote upon his arrest.
29/12/2017 17h53 - Updated 30/12/2017 15h26
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The hairdresser and former candidate for governor of Amazonas Jardel Deltrudes, He said in his social network that is being pursued by the name Captain of the tactical strength of the Amazon Military Police, Alberto Neto. Jardel was arrested on charges of illegal possession of a firearm on Tuesday (26).

Jardel kept the prison of self testimony, in which it says does not know how the gun, stolen in 2016, got into the car he bought three months ago. He also claimed that the police were already following him even before the approach and did not allow him to accompany the magazine, putting on "check" the blatant.

The hairdresser said that when he was removed from the car, He realized that Captain Alberto was on the scene and found it strange that. Because it would not have participated in the police approach. Jardel said in an interview that the captain set up the scene to promote themselves upon his arrest.

Apprehended in the act of illegal possession of firearm and receiving, Jardel attributed his arrest to a dispute involving land, whose son in law of the other party, which was identified as Miriam da Silva Prudêncio, It is a military police. "I bought the land from a known and he died and now the widow wants to keep the land", He claimed.

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Posted by Andreia Vasques onThursday, December 28, 2017

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