PSDB executive closes question in favor of the pension reform

In addition to the acronym PSDB, o PMDB, o PTB e o PPS também orientaram a bancada a votar a favor da Proposta que modifica regras do sistema previdenciário.
13/12/2017 15h21 - Updated 13/12/2017 15h21
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Heloisa Cristaldo – Reporter Agency Brazil

The Executive Committee of the PSDB and members of the party stands in the House and Senate decided today (13) close question to the approval of the pension reform. In addition to the acronym PSDB, o PMDB, the PTB and the PPS also guided the bench to vote in favor of the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) 287/16, modifying rules of the pension system.

When a party closes question of a vote, parliamentarians who do not follow the executive's decision may face penalties, as suspension of party activities or even expulsion of the legend.

The president of the PSDB, Geraldo Alckmin, He said the closure of the question leaves "very clear" the position of the party favorable to the approval of the pension reform. The symbol has not set if there will be punishment lawmakers to vote against the reform. according to Alckmin, before deciding whether or not there will be punishment to those who do not vote according to party decision, It will be working together to convince lawmakers toucans.

The PSDB bench has 46 MPs in the House. According to the party leader in the House, Deputy Ricardo Tripoli (SP), support for welfare reform is still no consensus among parliamentarians, but is advancing. "We do not have the exact number, but I would say surpassed the number of 20 parliamentarians in favor. We are heading for 50% countertop. And now, with the closing of the question, some other Members feel more comfortable to vote with the party ", said.

The prospect of the mayor, Mr Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ) It is to score on Thursday (14) the start date of the assessment of pension reform by the full House. To be approved, the matter needs the support of at least 308 votes, in two shifts. Without the guarantee of enough votes to approve the reform, Maia has stood to mark the vote date. Until now, the forecast is vote from the Tuesday session (19).

"I think today we have a much better situation than he had in recent weeks and it will continue to improve. With this growth comes 308 votes", assessed Maia. The Mayan Party, the Democrats, also signaled that it will close question in favor of the adoption of pension reform.

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