Judge accepts complaint, Rocha Loures and turns defendant for corruption in the 'suitcase case’

Former deputy and former adviser to Michel Temer will respond by accepting bribes. In April, he was caught receiving money bag, purportedly from J&F to President.
11/12/2017 18h10 - Updated 11/12/2017 18h10
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André Richter – Agency Brazil

The Federal Court in Brasilia accepted today (11) the complaint of the Federal Prosecutor (MPF) against former congressman Rodrigo Rocha Loures for accepting bribes. With the decision, former parliamentarian has accused the condition in investigations initiated from the denunciations of JBS.

In June, Loures was spotted by the Federal Police (PF) receiving a suitcase with $ R 500 thousand in Operation Patmos, research based on the award-winning denunciation of JBS company executives. He was arrested at the request of former Attorney General of the Republic Rodrigo Janot, but he won the right to fulfill house arrest while responding to criminal prosecution.

The case began to be processed in the Supreme Court (STF), but the minister Edson Fachin understood that the former congressman has no more special venue and must answer the charges in the first instance.

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