Live Lula ignores criticism and says not publicly debate with convicted

Federal Judge Operation Lava Jet declined to comment on talks of former president, for whom 'the actions of Justice has served to demoralize Petrobras'.
09/12/2017 13h49 - Updated 9/12/2017 13h49
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Federal Judge Sergio Moro said on Friday, 8, that "not publicly debate with persons convicted of crime" and refused to answer speaks of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, for whom the performance of Justice has served to demoralize Petrobras and the Rio de Janeiro.

After event to participate in the oil state headquarters, no centro do Rio, Moro also criticized the privileged forum and said that legislatures may act 'with misuse of power', to avoid arrest of parliamentarians.

"The privileged forum undermines the principle of equality. All people have to be treated equally before the law. The principle of equality is the basis of our democracy. On the other hand, in practice, the higher courts are overwhelmed processes, They are overburdened resources ", he said.

According to the judge, we must also think of the legal protection mechanisms of political agents.

"There was that discussion is subject or not an arrest of a parliamentary to a legislative house, I will not go into the merits of the dispute. But, even if you recognize some kind of protection, it must be used to protect the Parliament as a possible political persecution because of their public and not to protect you from investigations or prosecutions for corruption ", said the judge Lava Jet.

The defense of former President Lula came into contact as State asking to position on the statements of Moro. According to the defense, "The speech made today by Judge Sergio Moro at Petrobras headquarters in itself compromises the appearance of impartiality and can motivate the recognition of their suspicion."

According to Lula's lawyer, Cristiano Zanin Martins, "Nowhere in the world would be acceptable for the trial judge were to visit one party to give legal advice to it. Petrobras was qualified as an interested party in criminal lawsuits filed at the Court of Curitiba. Some of these actions are pending trial, including those involving former President Lula ", he said.

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