MPF asks penalty increase and conviction of four accused in 'Evil Ways’

no document, MPF asks the conviction of the accused for criminal organization and research embarrassment.
12/12/2017 14h41 - Updated 13/12/2017 18h41
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The Federal Public Ministry (MPF) Amazonas presented the closing arguments to court against four accused criminally in the main process resulting from Operation Maus Paths, triggered by the Federal Police to investigate the diversion of resources for public health services in the state. no document, MPF asks the conviction of the accused for criminal organization and research embarrassment.

I did not order, MPF reiterates that the criminal group constituted to divert federal funds transferred to the Institute New Ways (INC), responsible for services provided by three health units located in the capital and two inland districts, It was led by the doctor Mouhamad Moustafa and the businesswoman Priscilla Marcolino Coutinho. The request for condemnation also points out that Mouhamad, Priscilla and the nurse Jennifer Naiyara Yochabel Rufino Correa da Silva tried to hinder the inspections of the Comptroller General (TOS) as the application of public funds.

The MPF also requires increasing penalties of the four reported, including the entrepreneur Alessandro Viriato Pacheco, by aggravating the firearm use and participation of civil servant. The agency maintains that the criminal organization made irregular use of civil and military police to carry out the group's safety and took advantage of the public servant condition for the practice of criminal offenses. Penalties can reach 14 years and six months in prison for each of the reported.

The criminal complaint was lodged by MPF in November 2016, detailing the participation of 16 people on corruption scheme. The main process was dismembered for Justice, isolating the organization's summit in a procedure apart, following pending before the 4th Federal Court of Amazonas, under the number 4109.20.17.401320-0, and awaits court decision.

In 2016, the Maus Operation Paths dismantled a group that had contracts with the State Government for the management of the Emergency Unit (UPA) Campos Sales, In Manaus; Maternity Nurse Celina Ruiz Villacrez, Tabatinga; and the Rehabilitation Center for Chemical Dependency (CRDQ) Amazonas State, in Rio Preto da Eva. The management of these health units was done by the Institute New Paths (INC), institution qualified as a social organization.

The investigations that led to the operation showed that, of almost R $ 900 million transferred real, between 2014 e 2015, by the National Health Fund (FNS) the State Health Fund (FES), more than R $ 250 million reais have been allocated to INC. The calculation indicates the deviation of R $ 50 million in public funds, as well as payments to suppliers without consideration or for services and overpriced products, handling large volume of funds through cash withdrawals and money laundering by the leaders of the criminal organization.

The irregularities were proven through bank and tax information and telephone conversations, obtained by court order, inspection agencies reports as the Ministry of Transparency, Comptroller General's Office and the IRS, and documents obtained in the searches and seizures, police investigations and other documents found in open sources.

The supervisory bodies have found that the largest suppliers of New Directions Institute were only three companies: Salvare Medical Services Ltda., Total Health Medical and Nursing Inc.. and Society of Medical Integrated Amazon (Simea), that were part, actually, of the same economic group, comandado por Mouhamad Moustafa.

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