debt renegotiation task force will be held in Manaus from Thursday (14)

The task force is a great opportunity for those who want to pay off or renegotiate a contract, once, the basic interest rate was reduced to 7,5. Check out the participating banks.
12/12/2017 15h01 - Updated 13/12/2017 18h41
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The Consumer Defense Commission of the Legislative Assembly of Amazonas (500-gambling), place next Thursday (14) it's Friday (15), 1st Effort Renegotiation of Bank Debt, a partir das 8h, the Legislative School.

The task force will have the presence of Bradesco institutions, Santander, savings bank, Bank of Brazil and Shopkeepers Chamber of Manaus (CDL-Manaus), which should propose renegotiation with reduced interest. Only Itaú bank has not confirmed the presence, until now.

The service will be made in the halls of the Legislative School and will be distributing password to service 8h to 14h. The event will be for both the servers of the House and to the general public.

The president of CDC-Aleam, Mr Abdala Fraxe, the task force is a great opportunity for those who want to pay off or renegotiate a contract, once, in October this year, the basic interest rate was reduced to 7,5 annually by the Monetary Policy Committee (Copom) Central Bank. A year ago, the same rate was 14%.

"If the economic situation of the country had not stopped to worsen, perhaps one such dealings with the banks did not get success. But with the reduction in interest rates, renegotiation tends to be advantageous. Recalling that the staff of the CRC will be present in the collective effort to ensure that the proposal is really convenient and, mainly, legal”, said the president.

According to the CRC coordinator, Rosely Fernandes, a survey of Serasa Experian pointed out that more than 59 million Brazilians are overindebted, almost half of that total is in the North. Not only in the capital, but also within, according to the coordinator, there are a lot of payroll afflicting the Amazonian. The task force is a means to help them pay off these debts, given that the event will be the differential offer lower interest rates.

"Our main role will be broker trading, because it is very difficult to the consumer alone try a reduction of interest margin to it profitable. Under the tutelage of CDC, the consumer will be able to do this and, like this, enter the year with more tranquility ", He added the coordinator, to inform you that the last day of task force, consumers can participate in a talk with the coach Terezinha Lima, who will speak on financial education.

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