Reizo PTB assumes command in the Amazon and will Sabino as vice president

Mesmo internado e sem qualquer previsão para retomada do mandato, Sabino será o vice-presidente do PTB no Amazonas.
06/12/2017 15h35 - Updated 8/12/2017 19h14
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Councilman Reizo Castelo Branco, son of Congressman licensed Sabino Castelo Branco, It took the early afternoon of Wednesday (6) the command of the Brazilian Labor Party (PTB) not Amazonas.

The decision was taken by the party's national leader, Roberto Jefferson, in conversation with former state deputy Vera Lucia Castelo Branco and Reizo own, in Brasilia.

The new configuration, Sabino, who suffered a stroke and hospitalized following without any forecast for the resumption of the mandate, PTB will be the vice president of the Amazon.

In recent days circulated the information that the governor Amazonino Mendes would be interested in trading PDT by PTB, party to which he belonged before. "The PTB is our", celebrated former Mrs Vera Lucia.

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