Amazonino launches project to sort area of ​​Modern Manaus and fighting crime

The "Manaus Moderna" aims to promote educational activities and to combat drug trafficking and crime.
05/01/2018 15h16 - Updated 5/01/2018 15h16
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The governor of Amazonas, Amazonino Mendes launched, on the morning of Friday (05/01), no Center, the roll of the capital, the project "Manaus Moderna", Public Security Bureau (SSP-AM), which aims to order the region, comprising the Municipal Market Adolpho Lisboa, the fair and the port of Manaus Modern, and promoting education and combating drug trafficking and crime actions.

The SSP-AM already registered 260 people, between keepers of vehicles and cargo carriers operating in Modern Manaus, area of ​​great flow of people, between manauaras and tourists. according Amazonino, the project launched in this region of the city should be taken to other shopping areas in the capital, leading citizenship and dignity to the valets and porters, and peace to customer shopping centers.

"This is the first. We should have several other times equal to that, in vital sectors around the city. Simple people need the government's hand. It is good for all: good for them, good for society, for the population itself ", said the governor.

Amazonino stressed that the region of Modern Manaus and Adolpho Lisboa Market was constant complaint target of tourists and passers-by who denounced the crimes in that area. "Everyone realized that here needed urgent intervention of Government. Not only in terms of safety. But of all the senses. And that's what this secretary (Bosco Saraiva, holder of the SSP) made with other sectors of the government and brought forth what we call the organization of society. It's part of society being organized ", He stressed.

According to the governor, after 20 days, after the Mobile Police Civil Police was positioned behind the Adolpho Lisboa Market and part of the SSP-AM team went into action in registering people, the crime rate in the area has reduced significantly. "Also solve problems of drug addicts. Many of them have already volunteered to treatment. This range is great. All the time you make an intervention of this kind, such, the results are significant ", He stressed the governor.

Between the months of November and December 2017, SSP-AM held the registration of workers in order to identify them. Already been registered 260 people. Of this total, 47 They were sent to training courses, 39 for treatment of chemical dependency and two for school enrollment.

Producer Fair
According to the deputy governor and Security Secretary, Bosco Saraiva, the unprecedented project of the State Government will be deployed in all the shopping centers and the capital clusters. The next to get the project is the show's Producer, Jorge Teixeira in the neighborhood, East zone.

"We will go to the fair Producer, for Fuxico (Hilary Avenue Gurjão), to Manoa, to the commercial center of Compensates. We will organize all commercial clusters that are disorganized. All identified will act professional, being monitored ", he explained.

The deputy governor pointed out that in addition to identifying, monitor and give job opportunity, the project offers legal advice to those citizens who have pending in court.

"Those who have ongoing process, we will give legal assistance to them so that they can follow along to justice. And we gather 39 people who would like to get out of addiction, Apart from that 47 who preferred to leave the car valet activities, loader, and receive training by the government, later to be sent to the Secretary of Labor, and have a new profession ", said the deputy governor.

The president of the Association of the State of Amazonas Vehicle Keepers (Zaglava), Henrique Santos, He praised the initiative of Amazonino governor and thanked him for having taken offenders who were hiding behind the two labor activities.

"I'm there flanelinha 32 years, I am very happy, because we have been struggling and suffering the consequences of the intruders who were there in the middle of people, extorting, shoplifting. Today, Thank God, the governor bought this cause to remove these people who came to tarnish the image of my work, which I dedicated 32 years of my life to support my family ", said Henrique.

The registration began after complaints that alleged Modern Manaus harbor boots would be threatening and even straying goods and customer belongings that do not accept the amounts charged for services, as well as drug trafficking allegations, robbery and theft. During work, 16 fugitives from justice-nine offenders with outstanding arrest warrants were captured by the Executive Deputy Secretary of Operations (Seaop). On the morning of Friday, two more people were arrested red-handed after circumventing customers fair.

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