Arthur Neto is the fourth worst mayor in Brazil, points search

The toucan, according to a survey, fulfilled only 30,35% of campaign promises.
03/01/2018 15h13 - Updated 5/01/2018 17h57
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The name of the mayor of Manaus, Arthur Neto (PSDB), It appeared among the five worst heads of the municipal executive of Brazilian capitals in their first twelve months in office in survey the site G1.

According to the survey the worst mayor of Brazil called Clécio Luis (NETWORK), Macapa (You) which served only 19,04% of campaign promises. In fourth place, Arthur appears in the ranking with 30,35% of promises.

Even with a weak management as mayor the chief Amazonas dispute with the governor of Sao Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin, the PSDB representative vacancy for presidency. The previous Tucanas, They are scheduled to take place in late March.

1. Clécio Luis - Macapa-AP - 19,04%
2. Firmino Filho - Teresina-PI - 20,00%
3. Emanuel Pinheiro - Cuiaba-MT - 27,77%
4. Arthur Virgilio Neto - Manaus-AM - 30,35%
5. Luciano Cartaxo - João Pessoa-PB - 31,14%
6. Rao Luciano - Victoria ES - 31,48%
7. John Jr. Doria. - Sao Paulo-SP - 32,91%
8. Edvaldo Nogueira - Aracaju-SE - 33,33%
9. Rui Palmeira - Maceió-AL - 34,28%
10. Edivaldo Holland Junior - São Luis-MA - 37,83%

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