defamatory book author to Amazon Freemasonry has seized works in Manaus

The book has texts, cartoons and memes that attack people directly Masonic group.
13/01/2018 17h34 - Updated 13/01/2018 17h36
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As determined by the Judge, Romulo Garcia Barros Silva, finance secretary of the books of the Grand Orient of Brazil in the Amazon – GOB-AM, José Abreu Hilcerio Fields, They were seized this Friday (12) they were counted defamatory and biased Masonry Amazon.

The book entitled "The Little Architect Amazon Masonry" has texts, cartoons and memes that attack people directly Masonic group. "The book seeks to simply offend some members of the group, with grotesque images, without any content of public interest "grounds the judge in his decision.

A prospective buyer of the work, who declined to be identified, said he went to the bank through a website: which was being published the book sale.

"I saw in the author's page number of mounts that match what was published. I have much interest in issues related to Freemasonry and came back to buy this book to better understand, and thankfully never even enter the bank, the scolding look around, "finished the boy.

O portal AM POST He tried to talk to some Masons involved, only one served us, but declined to comment, He asked us to contact with the Sovereign Grand Master General, Sr. Marcos José da Silva in Brasilia DF by telephone (61) 3245-34xx and did not say anything because of confidentiality to which they pledged to resolve the case that runs on judicial secrecy.

The report also tried to talk to the author José Abreu by phone that he has made available on the site (92) 99985-xxxx, and by e-mail: [email protected] but failed to reply to the closure of this matter.

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