Rubber washer challenges trans MMA fighter, Slaying women in the ring, to fight

In UFC fighter saw video posted by congressman Marco Feliciano, and challenged the trans for a fight.
08/01/2018 15h54 - Updated 8/01/2018 18h54
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In UFC fighter, Paulo Henrique Costa, known as rubber band was manifested on the video posted by Congressman and pastor Marco Feliciano, which showed in their social networks Fighter MMA dispute transsexual, Fallon Fox, against women, and challenged him to a fight.

In the video the deputy shows his indignation to see a person born with male, and currently have transformed body, slaughter in the ring other female.

Rubber band felt outraged by video and offered to fight for free with trans. “I love that Fox Fallon, fight against a fighter prepared, a man, to give a beating him. Even I put myself at the disposal'll fight him anywhere for free just to give a beating this guy, not need long”, said the fighter.


Paulo Henrique Costa, the rubber washer, UFC fighter, watched the video posted on TRANS who beats women in MMA. He was angry and challenged him / her fighter / fighter. Watch, short, share and opine!

Posted by Marco Feliciano on Monday, January 8, 2018

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