Cesar Cielo explains that not criticized Manaus to question the need for Olympic swimming pool in the Amazon

The athlete was heavily criticized on social networks by the statement in an interview and sent a letter to Sejel explaining the controversy.
09/01/2018 15h13 - Updated 10/01/2018 17h20
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Olympic champion, Cesar Cielo, He sent a letter to the Secretary of State of Youth, Sports and leisure, that says, Among other things, not criticizing Manaus to question in an interview importance of the Olympic pool facility in the Amazon.

"Do they really needed a machine as sophisticated? With all due respect, It is the same as using a Ferrari in a rally championship”, said the athlete to Veja magazine.

Former Secretary of State for Youth, Sports and Recreation (Sejel), Fabricio Lima, which had made the request of the pool by the Ministry of Sports, He talked about the importance of it to the Amazon.

"I found an unfortunate placement Cielo because Brazil is one thing. We know that what is lacking for our athletes, oftentimes, It is an opportunity to develop, and they will have it with the pool that is coming. I'm hoping that everything goes right with the pool because swimming can bring national competitions, International, make exchanges, bring athletes. By the way, this pool is not only to Manaus, but for the entire northern region ", he said.

The current secretary of Sejel, Janaína Chagas, also spoke about the Cielo statement and took the opportunity to invite you to dive into the pool.

"The statement was totally unhappy. Having the pool of the Rio Games, sophisticated and internationally, in the Olympic Village of Manaus, actually means the return of practice in high performance water sports in Amazon. This pool will benefit over 1200 athletes. Our state will have an amazing structure to train and improve and discover new talents. The Sejel advantage to invite you to dive and honor us with his presence at the inauguration of the Olympic pool and the water park which is being built in Manaus ", said.

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After the invitation, Cielo sent an official letter, it clarifies that the State did not criticize, and also explains what their real criticism.

I made no criticism of the city of Manaus, the State of Amazonas and much less to the athletes and people who live in the north of our country. I believe in respect and I believe all of us Brazilians are worthy of Olympic structures, because they were paid with our taxes, we pay so hard. I criticized the way how the government handled and takes care of the Olympic legacy”, he said.

Besides that, athlete also, He accepted the invitation to come to Manaus Sejel again: “It will be a pleasure to attend the inauguration of the Olympic pool and the Olympic Park!”.

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