reaches 10 the number of patients with Chagas disease in Labrea, diz FVS-AM

The Amazonas Health Surveillance Foundation confirmed three new cases. It is the first time that the presence of the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi (found in Barber) in acai is scientifically confirmed in AM.
13/01/2018 15h58 - Updated 15/01/2018 16h11
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For the first time it has been scientifically proven the presence of the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi (found in Barber) acai portion in a state in Amazon. Before, the confirmation was made by association.

The Tropical Medicine Foundation Dr. Hector Vieira Golden (FMT-HVD) and Surveillance in Amazonas Foundation Health (FVS-AM) confirmed, by laboratory analysis, the presence of the Trypanosoma cruzi parasite, acai the sample consumed by the family contracted Chagas Disease, in the municipality of Lábrea (a 702 kilometers from Manaus).

The confirmation was only possible due to the fact that the Epidemiological Monitoring of FVS-AM was able to recover the acai samples that were still available from the vendor that delivered acai for the ill family, second explains the infectious disease researcher Jorge Guerra.

"The parasite's incubation period is 10 a 22 days. If a person consumes something today contaminated, she has to 22 days to show symptoms of the disease. When it happens, usually, material which could serve the sample has been consumed, discarded or had any purpose other than the laboratory ", he explained.

This Friday (12), three new cases of Chagas disease have been confirmed. People who consumed the same lot of acai Labrea were in Manaus, asymptomatic, and they were identified by monitoring done by FVS. Thereby, reaches 10 the number of people who contracted the disease.

Four patients are doing outpatient treatment professionals FMT-HVD-six are in Lábrea. Only one patient, a child, It came to be hospitalized, but it has been released. In Manaus, All patients underwent consultations and evaluations in the University Hospital Francisca Mendes (HUFM) and FMT-HVD. The remaining patients are accompanied by the Regional Hospital of Labrea.

Since 2010, They were recorded 58 cases of Chagas' disease by oral transmission, when the contagion occurs through contaminated food. However, according to the CEO of FVS-AM, Bernardino Albuquerque, confirmation that the transmission occurred by acai wine did not exist.

"We had reports of people who had consumed the same product. Usually, was a number of people nearby who had fed,even in the same period. This factor and the symptoms of the disease manifesting, more exams in people, They led us to conclude the diagnosis ", complemented.

With the sample recovery, a product rate was forwarded to the National Institute Evandro Chagas Reference Laboratory. Another sample was evaluated by researchers from FMT-HVD, They applied to a low complexity technique that identified the presence of the parasite.

in Lábrea, the person responsible for producing the acai wine was identified. It is a producer of small-scale. The CDC municipality seized equipment and açaí samples still available.

The FVS-AM is reinforcing awareness campaigns regarding good practices in food production with raw materials from the forest. The booklet "Preparing acai forest product and its derivatives with good hygienic practices", produced by the body, It was redistributed to farmers.

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