Barbecue on skewer and glass bottle drink are prohibited in Manaus Carnival

bands, blocks, carnival events and pre-carnival held in public roads and places of Manaus should happen to the 23h limit. Determinations were announced by the governor in exercise AM, Bosco Saraiva.
13/01/2018 15h11 - Updated 15/01/2018 16h11
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New rules in the Manaus Carnival. bands, blocks, carnival events and pre-carnival held in public roads and places of Manaus should happen to the 23h limit. Besides that, selling barbecue on skewers and alcoholic beverages or not in glass bottles during activities is prohibited.

Measurements were made on Saturday (13) the governor and Secretary of Public Safety, Bosco Saraiva, meeting with organizers of carnival bands Manaus.

The Department of Public Safety (SSP-AM) will monitor compliance with the rules and penalize organizers who break the rules, with the possibility to lock licenses for events for a year.

According to the folder, the measures are focused on the safety of revelers and better enforcement of public security forces. The rules are contained in a joint order, signed by agencies of the State Government and Manaus Prefecture.

"In all of them (events), large or small, there will be a readiness to provide security patrol. The open events are limited to 23 hours. This is the time that has the shift change police. after that, at midnight, It is when the buses stop running and, thereby, people who have difficulties to travel are at the mercy of robbers. These measures are to protect people ", said Bosco Saraiva.

According to the holder of the SSP, selling barbecue on skewers and alcoholic beverages or not in glass bottles is a risk the safety of revelers. Glass cups and the entry of people with sharp materials will also be barred in the screening barriers that bands organizations will be required to assemble.

Until last Friday, the Fire Department recorded 102 requests for holding carnival events on public roads in the capital.

In addition to the Fire, We need to record the event in the Military Police, Civil, the State Department Amazon Transit (DMV-AM), Manaustrans, the Municipal Finance (Semef), the Municipal Environment (Semmas), the Municipal Superintendence of Urban Transport (SMTU) and Municipal Public Cleaning (Semulsp).

"We will be integrated into the total security system in order to bestow a safe carnival for Amazonian society, where the fire brigade is present, in advance, giving the proper permits to occur bands and blocks the greatest possible safety ", said the general commander of the Fire Department, Colonel Mauro Freire.

New rules
Under the new rules, the organizers of the bands should send the event release of documents 15 days in advance to the Center for Integrated Command and Control (CICC), for inclusion in the portfolio of integrated security system operations.

According to the general commander of the Military Police, Colonel David Brandão, effective military police will be responsible for the security of the vicinity of the event and follow-up screening. But, the organizers are forced to hire private security.

"The band has to have the private security hired by the event coordinator. But we will be with the military police following the number of people and the material to enter, supporting people who will enter. The PM is responsible for the safety of the environment ", he emphasized Brandão.

Operation on the streets since the day 6
Since last Saturday or (6), SSP initiated Operation Forbidden Allegory, which is part of the strategic planning oversight of the security forces and will take place throughout the carnival season.

According to the official by the Executive Deputy Secretary of Planning and Integrated Management (Seagi), Colonel Fabio Pacheco, the goal is to ensure public safety during the festivities carnival.

"The bodies are grouped in a collective and integrated these demands have on the applicants events. Each one, Clear, in their assignments, but the college also talks together. Including their educational notification of powers ", Pacheco explained.

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