Customers find larvae in the Burger King sandwich

A couple found several larvae in snacks purchased in the restaurant and released video on social networks.
31/01/2018 15h37 - Updated 31/01/2018 15h37
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The Burger King preemptively closed a restaurant Brasilia (DF) after release of a video showing various larvae within a snack. The network reports that the store was closed for investigation of the facts.

A couple bought two snacks in the cafeteria of the Federal District on Sunday, 28. After a few bites, larvae encountered in various sandwiches. They made a video and posted on social networks. The publication already has more than 4,2 million views.

Burger King said the store was visited by the Health Surveillance on Tuesday. According to the network, Health Surveillance testified that the restaurant meets the hygienic-sanitary requirements.

"The fact occurred in the franchise Emperor Alvim Food Trade, responsible for operation of the unit located in the North Wing of Brasilia, It is being investigated and has already had the opinion of the Health Surveillance of the Federal District, which confirmed that the restaurant is fully able to stay open ", the company said in a statement.

On the social networks, some readers questioned the fact that the larvae have not died during the sandwich cooking process. But this is not the first time that larvae appear in a snack Burger King. The site registers Claim Here some customer complaints that reported finding larvae in snack. For a consumer who made the complaint, the company said that the products are monitored whenever there is a new delivery and contacted the supplier so that the case would not be repeated.

Consumers from other restaurant chains have also found larvae and other animals in their snacks. Last year, McDonald's was ordered to pay damages in 10 thousand reais a client who found a cockroach in the sandwich. The case occurred in 2013 in a mall restaurant Mueller, in Curitiba (PR).

Burger King said the store will reopen in the coming hours. The internal investigation report was not disclosed. "The Burger King Brazil points out that food security is a priority for the company."

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