Collor announces candidacy for president

"I have an advantage for some candidates because I chaired the Country", said Senator.
19/01/2018 14h48 - Updated 20/01/2018 15h45
Photo: Valter Campanato / Agency Brazil

Former President and Senator Fernando Collor de Mello (PTC) announced, this Friday, his candidacy for president. The announcement was made in a radio interview of Arapiraca, Alagoas, which belongs to his family communication group.

"I have an advantage for some candidates because I chaired the Country. My party all know. Everyone knows how I think and act to achieve the objectives that people want to improve their quality of life ", stated.

Color presided Brazil among 1990 e 1992, when he became the first head of the Republic to be impeached. In your place, He took his deputy, Itamar Franco.
According to Senator, the matter will be dealt with at the party convention, old PRN.
In the interview, Senator reminded the importance of reforms, mainly political, which should reduce the number of parties.

"Some advances have been achieved, but many other reforms need to be performed, above politics, so we can have a set of parties representing the ideological sides of the society. We can not live with 38 matches, of which 27 They have representation in Congress. This brings the possibility of very large ungovernability ", he argued.

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