Collor will be a candidate to save PTC application and son, says party president

By the "barrier clause" subtitles should reach at least 1,5% of valid votes to the House in 2018.
26/01/2018 16h50 - Updated 29/01/2018 16h57
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The candidacy of Fernando Collor's presidency is for real? The response of the President of Alagoas senator's party begins to answer the question. “His candidacy is for real. Not to pretend. It will help and fulfill the barrier clause”, He admitted the National PTC president, Daniel Tourinho.

This is the motto that should be considered on the candidacy president Collor. His candidacy is intended to ensure the survival of his party, the runt PTC, because of the new rules passed by Congress so that the subtitles have access to the party fund and free advertising time on radio and TV. by calling “barrier clause”, approved last October, subtitles should reach at least 1,5% of valid votes to the House in 2018 in at least nine states have elected or, no minimum, 13 MPs in nine state or have elected, no minimum, 13 MPs in nine states.

In the elections of 2014, PTC stayed away this percentage: had only 0,35% of the vote and only managed to elect two deputies . PTC's strategy is to use the application as attractive to choose from 9 a 11 congressmen. One of them is the son of Senator, Arnon Collor.Um of the biggest beneficiaries of the father's application.

in Alagoas, the tendency is to repeat the PTC Alliance 2014 and support the re-election of Renan Filho (MDB) the governor and his father, Renan Calheiros (MDB-AL), Senator.

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