With support from the TCE-AM, Mozambicans visiting Urucu base in Coari

The African delegation came to the state to create an exchange in TCE-AM in environmental audit area.
29/01/2018 17h48 - Updated 29/01/2018 17h48
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Willing to carry out preventive audits, from this year, the newly discovered gas and oil reserves in Mozambican soil, members of the Administrative Court of Mozambique visited, last Friday (26), Petrobras' installations in the Urucu Oil Province, in Coari. The judge adviser Januário Guibunda and Attorney General of Accounts, André Paulo Cumbe, They were taken to the base of the Urucu counselor president of the State Court of Auditors (TCE-AM), Yara Lins dos Santos, and the counselor Julio Pinheiro.

The African delegation came to the state to create an exchange in TCE-AM in environmental audit area. In three days, they studied the operational strategies of Audit Court (manuals and Resolutions), They had access to federal legislation dealing with the matter and found the results achieved in audits of solid waste, water supply, conservation units, among others. The Court of Mozambique intends to sign, still this year, a term of technical cooperation with the Court of Auditors Amazon.

In Operations Base Pedro de Moura, they visited the areas of environmental compensation (of nurseries and reforestation), met maintenance wells and fields of oil and gas production and waste treatment, Besides environmental licensing Petrobras. Their idea was to investigate how the state acts in harmony with the environment. They were accompanied by the Base Manager Urucu, elcio Lunardi, and servers.

In addition to the members of the African Court, They were part of the "Mission Mozambique" two members of the German Agency for International Cooperation (CHALK), Carlos Mauricio Figueirêdo and Luiz Mendes Genédio.

Alert to the Mozambican authorities
After the visit, which lasted eight hours, Judge Januário adviser Guibunda classified as important and profitable marathon in Coari. "It was crucial this visit to Urucu. Very good to know about the laws they follow and the licenses won for exploration. We acquire knowledge and we see a route to be followed. while inspection, we have to know in depth the object to be audited, because it only monitors what is known as well ", he emphasized.

As the Republic of Mozambique does not have a legislation that protects the environment from degradation caused by farms, Judge Januário adviser Guibunda revealed that will alert the Mozambican authorities to the issue immediately, fostering the creation of federal laws, based on international laws, that will regulate the procedures for the operation of large reserves found, attracting interest from Chinese and European.

The Mozambique Accounts Attorney, André Paulo Jorge Cumbe, added that understood the mechanisms for supervision and said intends to act to prevent the African country suffers from lack of external control in this branch.

Happy with the result of "Mission Mozambique", the counselor president, Yara Lins dos Santos, thanked the trust of fellow Africans and said that the TCE-AM will always be open ports to exchange professional experiences. She congratulated the Mozambican initiative to conduct concurrent audits and ratified you want, in management, make parallel and preventive audits of public works contracts and the Amazon, to prevent damage before it happens.

"I charge the Amazon public managers, also, compliance with the determinations made in the environmental area in our reports, under penalty of fine. Preventive actions are important and the ECA will fulfill its function of control and prevention ", He emphasized the counselor Yara Lins dos Santos.

Host of the African delegation, Councilor Julio Pinheiro revealed that representatives from other countries, such as Guinea Bissau and Ring, They have also expressed interest to come to the Amazon know the mechanisms for environmental control. Visits should be scheduled yet.

international cooperation agreement
In visit to Coari was defined that, In August, the Administrative Court of the Republic of Mozambique and the State Court of Auditors will sign a technical cooperation agreement between the two institutions to exchange experiences. The idea is to send the Mozambican technicians from that country to the Amazon to monitor all phases of environmental audits, work in the field to run the report and, still, the judgment of the report by the Full Court of the TCE-AM.

African country grows, despite serious problems
The Republic of Mozambique is located in southeastern Africa and became independent in 1975 after more than four centuries of Portuguese rule. After only two years of independence, the country plunged into an intense and prolonged civil war to 1992. In 1994, the country held its first multiparty elections and has remained relatively stable as a presidential republic since.

Endowed with rich and extensive natural resources, the economy is mainly based on agriculture, but the industrial sector, mainly in food manufacturing, drinks, chemical products, Aluminum and oil, It is growing much, although the country is considered by the United Nations (HIM) with one of the least developed countries of the world, with a Human Development Index (IDH), income inequality and life expectancy among the worst in the world.

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