Contributors of Manaus may already issued by the internet's property tax guides 2018

Quem pagar o IPTU em cota única terá 10% discount. Estimativa da Semef é arrecadar R$ 220 milhões com a arrecadação do imposto.
19/01/2018 14h30 - Updated 20/01/2018 15h46
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A single share of property tax and urban land (Iptu) with 10% off can now be issued via internet. The rebate applies to all taxpayers who pay the tab until the day 15 March.

The taxpayer may also opt for the deferred payment up to 10 times. In this case the guide also wins the day 15 March and does not give right to a discount on the total amount released. The guais may be issued in site Manaus Meets.

The Manaus Prefecture concluded on Thursday (18), the annual release of (Iptu) in its tax system. More of 538,8 taxable thousand entries were launched for this exercise. Compared with last year, registration had an increase of 5.062 taxpayers. in figures, the launch generated R $ 418,9 millions, R$ 6 million more than 2017.

Undersecretary of Revenue of the Municipal Information Technology and Internal Control (Semef), Armando Simões, estimates a collection of R $ 220 million from property tax 2018, that is, 52,5% the amount released this year. According to Undersecretary, that tax collection is historical brand.

In 2017, for example, of R $ 412,8 million launched, Manaus Prefecture raised R $ 210,2 millions, representing approximately 51% launch.

"We are working to increase this percentage through information campaigns on the launch of property tax 2018. Besides that, the taxpayer in compliance with the tax authorities can receive credits for abatement of tax. Just ask him your note Easy Manaus identified with your SSN every time you request a service in city establishments ", indicated Simões.

Even being able to issue the property tax guide on the internet, the taxpayer will receive the document by mail. "Deliveries begin until the end of January", said Undersecretary of Semef.

Approximately 44,5 thousand homeowners will not be taxed on property tax in 2018. These are called affordable housing, whose buildings are wood and the amount of tax does not quite add up the value of a UFM (Fiscal Unit of the Municipality).

In addition to contributing free, the Semef also accounted for this exercise over 4,4 immune thousand entries. This is the case of churches and educational institutions and social welfare nonprofit, for example.

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