Mrs Conceição Sampaio has 100% in the presence of 2017, Congress points in Focus

The parliamentarian was among the 18 of 513 (3,5% do total) parliamentarians who recorded presence in all sessions.
05/01/2018 17h47 - Updated 6/01/2018 13h46
Photo: Senate Agency

The Congresswoman Conceição Sampaio (PP-AM), in his first term front of the Federal House, He was among the 18 of 513 (3,5% do total) parliamentarians who recorded presence in all plenary sessions of the National Congress in 2017, according to the Congress site in Focus. The MP had 100% presence since he took office, in February 2015.

the Constitution, parliamentary is only required to register attendance at regular sessions, those carried out on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursday. Who can present lack justification as medical certificate, or party official mission to fertilize the absence and get rid of any discount in salary. The cut takes place only when the parliamentary leaves lacking without justification.

According Conception Sampaio, be present at the meetings is just a result of its commitment to try to represent the Amazon at all times in Congress. "Prioritized to be present at all sessions. We are fulfilling a parliamentary activity. Our charge is representative. If I'm not there, I cease to be the voice of that population that elected me to represent it ", Explain.

For lifting the Congress in Focus, Conception was the only woman among the 18 Members who have not missed. She recalls that at the time they took office, fresh from surgery leg, passed on 60 days moving around the halls and plenary sessions of the House in a wheelchair.

For Mrs, represent a state with a continental dimension that occupies only eight seats in the House reinforces the need for the presence. "I was elected to be there. Even if my presence makes no difference in the national agenda, there I will be representing my state. This also makes the Amazon appear as positive news ", considers. "We do more than our duty", full.

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