Mr Jair Bolsonaro announces membership to PSL

Currently the PSC, Deputy PSL will be the candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, says a joint statement signed by Bolsonaro and the national party chairman.
06/01/2018 13h02 - Updated 8/01/2018 17h01
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Congressman Jair Bolsonaro (RJ) and the national president of the PSL (Liberal Social Party), Luciano Bivar, released on Friday (5) a note signed by both in which inform about the membership of the parliamentary party to.

According to the note (see the full at the end of this report), with affiliation, Bolsonaro, currently on the PSC (Social Christian Party), becomes the PSL's candidate for the Presidency of the Republic.

“We are proud that the PSL receives the deputy Jair Bolsonaro and his candidacy for president. likewise, It is with great honor that Mr feels sheltered by the legend and very comfortable at a party where there is full communion of thoughts”, says the note text.

Second note, Bolsonaro and Bivar consider “priorities for the country's future” the liberal economic thought, the right to private property and the use of the armed forces and security.

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