landless disappearance of the Amazon a month ago; suspects are fugitives

The case challenges the state authorities.
13/01/2018 16h11 - Updated 15/01/2018 16h11
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Alex Rodrigues - Brazil Agency

The disappearance of three landless rural workers in Canutama, not Amazonas, Full one month Sunday (14) and continues to defy the authorities Amazon, while motivating criticism from relatives of the disappeared, the delay in solving the case.

witnesses, Flávio Lima de Souza, from 42 years; Marinalva Silva de Souza, from 37 years, and Jairo Pereira Feitoza, from 52 years, They were last seen inspecting part of a rural property that is occupied by about 200 landless since 2015, in Canutama, in southern Amazonas, near the border with Rondônia - an area of ​​difficult access and dense vegetation.

Former brigadier of the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio) and president of the Association of Community Farmers of Igarapé Araras Region (Asprocria), Flavio came to ask the support of social organizations such as the Pastoral Land Commission (CPT) to denounce the threats said to suffer from loggers and officials of Finance Shalom.

Marinalva already registered a police report weeks before the three disappeared. In the police report (WILL), Marinalva denounces the action of farm workers to intimidate the landless, as the destruction of shackles that occupants planned to install in the area.

suspects at large
No last day 3, the Civil Police of the Amazon released the photos and names of the farmer, Antonio Garcia Filho Mijoler, 61 years, and homemade Rinaldo da Silva Mota, 38 years, sought for aggravated murder. They are suspected of involvement in the disappearance of landless leaders.

Their arrests were authorized by Amazon Court (TJ-AM) in 28 from December, seven days after the Civil Police make public the sheriff responsible for investigating would ask the Court to remand the two suspects and authorization to conduct searches and seizures at addresses linked to them.

According to the Court, arrest requests were filed only on 23, a Saturday. In Christmas holiday function, They could only be forwarded for consideration after day 26, when Judge Joseilda Bilio Pereira took over the ownership of the Court of Canutama. The warrants were issued two days later.

According to relatives of the missing following the case, with the delay, the suspects managed to leave Canutama. no day 29, Civil Police reported that teams of the 62nd Precinct Interactive moved to the capital of Rondônia, Porto Velho, just 60 kilometers of Canutama. The intention was to comply with the arrest warrants, but neither the farmer, neither the home were located at the addresses that the police had. Since then, Mota Mijoler and are considered fugitives.

As the site of the searches is close to Porto Velho, relatives and members of the landless group decided to ask for support to the government of Rondônia. No last day 28, they met with the deputy governor Daniel Pereira, promptly, He sent a letter to the governor of Amazonas, Amazonino Mendes, offering help in searches for Flávio, Marinalva and Jairo.

Until yesterday (12), the government of Rondônia had received no response. According to a spokesperson of the vice-governorship, although the civil police of Rondônia has aided in searches in the first days after the announcement of disappearances, eventually have to move away, officially, work "is a matter for the government of Amazonas".

Lack of structure
Twelve Army soldiers also assisted in the searches to the landless between days 20 e 24 from December, but suspended the work without finding any evidence of the whereabouts of the three missing. Since then, the Civil Police of the Amazon has been active in the case of the solution with the support of men of the Special Operations Command (COE) of the Amazon Military Police.

For relatives of the three missing without land, the police forces of Canutama and region do not have the equipment, Suitable personal or structure and sufficient to account for the disappearance. And the support of Porto Velho teams, they ask the Federal Police in the case of.

"After all, the crime occurred on public lands, in the context of agrarian conflict ", said the Agency Brazil Flavio's sister, Lucicleia Lima de Souza, to inform you that has asked the National Institute for Colonization and Agrarian Reform (Incra) to request the assistance of the PF. "I would calm a little our hearts, because the PF would act with greater exemption. "

For Maria Petronila Neto, one of the coordinators of the Pastoral Land Commission (CPT) Rondônia, the "slowness" of the government facilitated the escape of suspects. "So far, we do not have anything concrete. The suspects remain at large and there is not even a clue as to the whereabouts of the three landless. Some people fear speaking, but distrust of local authorities acting ", said Petronila, remembering that the delay between the submission of arrest warrants and searches and seizures and effective police action may also have allowed evidence to be destroyed and erased traces. "We will not know what actually happened when the police get their hands on these fugitives."

Sought on Thursday (11), the government of Amazonas has so far not responded to the questions of the report and criticism of Lucicleia and Petronila. Incra monitoring the situation through the National Agrarian, yesterday sent an official letter to Secretary of Amazonas Public Security asking for more flexibility in investigations.

Second or institute, the occupied area belongs to the Union and the Federal Court has granted an injunction decision (provisional) favorable to the cancellation of what classifies as "irregular record" of ownership of the property known as Igarape das Araras and the municipality is just waiting for the final court decision to set the rural property destination.

Formed by representatives of the State and civil society, the National Human Rights Council (CNDH) already scheduled for the next meeting, no dia 29, the discussion should discuss the disappearance of the disappearance of Flávio, Marinalva and Jairo Pereira Feitoza and land pressure in the Amazon.

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