Money of public health of the Amazon was used to pay "voodoo works"

Image of 'work' spiritual found by the PF during investigation, no cell of Mouhamad Moustafa.
09/01/2018 18h04 - Updated 10/01/2018 16h00
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The Federal Police (PF) by investigation of Operation 'Political Cost', second stage of 'bad roads', He found that the entrepreneur and doctor Mouhamad Moustafa used money from the public health in the Amazon to pay for work done voodoo against former Secretary of Amazonas Government Health, Wilson Alecrim, at a time of disagreement between the two.

According to PF Mouhamad resorted to holy mother 'Thoinha', to calm the spirit of former Secretary. The 'work' spiritual with the intention of causing harm to the doctor's enemies was recorded in a picture is sent by 'Mother Thoinha' the Mouhamad.

The image was found, during investigation, the leader of the cell corruption scheme that diverted more than R $ 110 millions of Amazon health.

Currently the two are arrested and Rosemary Wilson suffers from prostate cancer. The former secretary was arrested on suspicion of having knowledge and benefit a public embezzlement scheme that should be applied to the State Health.

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