Former secretary accuses Silas House committing illegalities in Sejusc to support its pre-campaign

According to former seceretária various administrative deviations were committed, including the appointment of relatives and members of the Assembly of God Church.
16/01/2018 16h17 - Updated 17/01/2018 16h25
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The former executive secretary of the State Department of Justice and Citizenship (Sejusc) Ana Regina Almeida Peace accused Congressman Silas House (PRB) to equip the secretariat "for electoral purposes". According to her in recent months, illegalities were committed within the folder in order to support the pre-campaign and parliamentary ally, indicating as secretary Clizares Doalcei Silva Santana.

According to Ana Regina Almeida, a Sejusc, the period in which the pupil Silas House was in the office, various administrative deviations were committed, including the appointment of relatives, Members of the Assembly Church of God and acting of people who were not even named as employees of the State. The former Secretary also states that public events were used to design pre-candidates 2018 without adequate and planned public policies for the promotion of citizenship.

The information contained in the letter of resignation and documents submitted to the Governor's Office and the Civil House, between 21 November 2017 e 4 January 2018, and statements that Ana Regina Almeida made vehicles of local media, After removal. She reported that delivered documents and the same diagnosis that made the State Government also made the Amazonas State prosecutors (MP-AM).

Silas House when asked about the case denied the accusations. The parliamentary assigns the complaint personal fight between Ana Regina Almeida and Clizares Santana.

"I do not know her. I've never used any state structure for election, therefore, I know nothing of what she's talking about ", said Rep.

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