Former secretaries stuck in evil ways operation are conducted to prison

Transfer Pedro Elias, Wilson Alecrim, Afonso Lobo, and Evandro Melo should take place on Tuesday (2), but it was postponed by the Federal Police.
03/01/2018 18h03 - Updated 5/01/2018 17h05
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State former secretaries Pedro Elias, Wilson Alecrim, (Health), Afonso Lobo (Farm), and Evandro Melo (Management) They were conducted to screen the Provisional Detention Center Male (CDPM) on the afternoon of Wednesday (3).

The prison unit where they will stay in custody has not yet been informed by the State Department of Penitentiary Administration (SEAP).

In a statement issued in the early afternoon today, the Federal Police (PF) said the transfer, what should happen on Tuesday (2), It was delayed "because of the work of this Regional and police force reduced".

Only the former governor Jose Melo, that just as the former secretaries had enacted new prison on Sunday (31), remains in the custody of the PF.

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