Lack of medicines and doctors in Manaus hospital shows chaos in health AM

Complaints hospitals Delphina Rinaldi Abdel Aziz, João Lúcio, Plato and Araújo 28 August show the problem.
31/01/2018 14h47 - Updated 6/02/2018 15h16
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Hospitals and emergency rooms (HPS) Delphina Rinaldi Abdel Aziz, João Lúcio, Plato and Araújo 28 August are suffering from a lack of surgeons, and reduction in the number of clinicians, nurses and nursing technicians, and the lack of medicines.

Second direction of Delphina Aziz, the hospital had two surgeons of day and night, however, They were all dismissed. Three clinicians were also exempted.

According to officials, who declined to be identified, Another serious problem is the lack of drugs as antihypertensive. And they say you need to connect several times a day to the hospital pharmacy to find out which medication has to improve the situation of patients.

Thrombolytic drugs to patients who have suffered heart attacks and Stroke Celebral (AVC) They are also missing. According to the professional, Also there is a shortage in hospitals João Lúcio, Plato Araújo and 28 of August.

Asked about complaints to Susam said it would charge a positioning of the Institute of Medicine Studies and Development (IMED), in case of reduction of the staff of the unit and possible damage to users.

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