FCECON performs surgery unprecedented in public health Amazon

The procedure, performed by FCECON, is the removal of part of the cervix affected by the disease, preserving the possibility of future pregnancy.
15/01/2018 16h50 - Updated 15/01/2018 16h50
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The Foundation Amazonas State Oncology Control Center (FCecon), unit linked to the Department of Health (Sesame), performed, in an unprecedented manner in the public schools, one Trachelectomy Radical, surgery for the treatment of cervical cancer, preserving the fertility of the patient.

The procedure is the removal of part of the cervix affected by the disease, with oncological safety margin, preserving the body of the uterus, which enables a future pregnancy. According to the surgeon cancer Marcelo Henrique dos Santos, responsible for the procedure, it is indicated for patients with early-stage disease (low-risk tumors with up to two cm). The chances of cure are up 90%.

Cervical cancer is the third incident in Brazilian women and the first in the Amazonian, second only to breast cancer. According to the latest projection from the National Cancer Institute (Inca), body of the Ministry of Health (MS), 680 new cases are reported annually in the state, still figure on the list of federal units with the highest number of diagnoses for each one hundred thousand inhabitants (crude incidence rate).

The expert points out that, in conventional surgery, Radical Hysterectomy named, the entire uterus is removed, causing infertility. in Trachelectomy, done in two steps, It includes resection of the tumor affected, a predetermined safety margin oncology, beyond the lymph nodes, removed by lymphadenectomy (structures close to the lymphatic vessels), which reduces the possibility of new disease manifestation (recurrences). At end, uterine body just preserved.

The time of surgery, the recovery period and the chances of cure, They are similar to a conventional procedure for the treatment of cervical cancer early. The Trachelectomy may be by open or laparoscopic, the first mode being, considered minimally invasive, with faster postoperative recovery. The percentage of chances of getting pregnant after treatment to reach 60%. The best results are with the possibility of assisted reproduction.

"The first surgery was performed in a patient with 31 years and was considered a success by the medical team. She has discharged and carries out periodic monitoring of a multidisciplinary team, na FCecon, being able to become pregnant ", He explained the surgeon. According to the specialist, there was no need for therapeutic supplementation with radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

A new treatment option will be incorporated into the routine FCECON and it is held in major country centers, as the Barretos Cancer Hospital and A.C.. Camargo Center, both located in the State of São Paulo. It came to be applied frequently form in the country after international studies ensure their safety. "The selection of patients to be submitted to Trachelectomy considers several factors. Some of them are: be of reproductive age, not have fertility problems, want a future pregnancy and having been diagnosed with early-stage disease ", he stressed.

The incorporation of the procedure in FCECON considered global statistics, which show that about half of patients affected by cervical cancer, They are of reproductive age. "Conventional surgery, invariably, leads to infertility. In addition to surgical treatment, there is also the option of radiotherapy, causing sequelae that prevent future pregnancies, due to the radiation in the reproductive organs ", said Marcelo Henrique.

Another factor mentioned by the expert is the psychosocial impact of conventional surgery, since some patients undergoing hysterectomy Radical (total removal of the uterus through the abdominal or vaginal) eventually develop depression, stress and even sexual dysfunction. "Therefore, the possibility of treatment with fertility preservation, It should be discussed in health services, and treatment should be offered to these women ", opined.

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