Fernando Henrique Cardoso did not support me, But you should, says Arthur Neto

Mayor of Manaus denies that his candidacy has to do with former president's unwillingness to Geraldo Alckmin, but charges support to its name in previous.
04/01/2018 16h34 - Updated 4/01/2018 16h34
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On the evaluations backstage that Fernando Henrique Cardoso (PSDB) I would not be so excited about the name of Geraldo Alckmin to contest the presidency in the elections of 2018, the mayor of Manaus, Arthur Virgilio Neto (PSDB), He denied that his candidacy is a way for the former president to try to destabilize the Paulista.

"He never supported me, quite the opposite, almost forgot about me at the convention. But, if he seeks a bold candidate, no need to look outside the PSDB. This bold candidate's me ", said the toucan. He was also bothered by a flirtation that the former president would have the hypothesis presenter Luciano Huck return to stand as candidate. "He [Huck] It is an adventure. Being president is a career. It's very different to brighten the life of a family with a car on Saturday afternoon. "

"I took a chance to defend FHC as head of government and as minister. And ventured in opposition to Lula when he was a demigod. The PSDB candidate has a bold yes ", followed. Arthur also criticized the climate of "intimate enemies" who lives the PSDB: "Every time we have a speaking ill of another, this disunity. It was not to be so. We must make prior between good projects and then follow up with the happy winner. "

In the last national convention of the PSDB, in December, the candidacy of Arthur Neto was the only girl to break the apparent unanimity of tom around Alckmin. In season, it announced that it had reached an agreement with the governor so that the party had prior, with debates in all regions of the country, before deciding its candidate.

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