FHC rule Arthur and says the PSDB candidate for presidency will be Geraldo Alckmin

The Mayor of Manaus, Arthur Neto, press the PSDB to choose the candidate with previous.
18/01/2018 17h30 - Updated 19/01/2018 15h46
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Former president and leader toucan Fernando Henrique Cardoso hit the hammer, this Thursday (18), and announced that the PSDB name to the campaign for president is the governor of Sao Paulo, Geraldo Alckmin. According to him, there is no "risk" of another name in the party run for president this year.

FHC's statements were given to José Luiz Datena, no program "90 Minutes, Radio Bandeirantes ". "There are several that are good, but who is most likely at the moment, who can raise the flag, on behalf of the PSDB, Alckmin is ", defined the former president. The Mayor of Manaus, Arthur Neto, press the PSDB to choose the candidate with previous.

During an interview with Radio Bandeirantes, FHC also talked about the trial of former President Lula, no dia 24 from January, no TRF/4. "I just hope one thing: that justice is correct. What is the evidence and, has proof, sentence. If you do not, absolve. I do not know the process. The judge will have to explain, support the vote ".

Arthur Neto argued that Fernando Henrique Cardoso consider the factor "loyalty", will vote on it during the preview of the PSDB. "If you take the criterion of loyalty, certainly voted for me. I argued him the reform program (FHC) and defended, fighting a demigod, it was Lula, a God in my state ", said.

"Strange fact President (FHC) say that the candidate is Alckmin, whether there will be prior, which were marked, see only, by own Alckmin, which is also a candidate for president. If this is a correct attitude, I lose track of what is right ", said Arthur.

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